Jem Southam

Professor of Photography

Jem Southam has been photographing at a few selected sites across the south-west of England for over 25 years. He builds extended series of pictures through re-visiting the sites over many years. Each series, using texts to accompany the photographs, develops its own narrative structure and the results are presented in both exhibition and book forms.

Jem also occasionally works on commissions further away from his home in Devon. Such recent projects include - ‘The Rockfalls of Normandy' for Pole-Image Haute Normandie, Rouen and ‘Clouds Descending' - a study of the Cumbrian coast for the Lowry, Salford.

Other works include:
‘The Red River' Cornerhouse 1989
‘The Raft of Carrots' The Photographers' gallery 1992
lsquo;Rockfalls, Rivermouths and Ponds' Photoworks/Towner 2000
‘The Painter's Pool' published by Nazraeli Press 2006
‘The Pond at Upton Pyne' Nazraeli Press 2010